FCA Sports Bible

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FCA’s brand-new Sports Bible helps fill staff’s needs for a low price point Bible that serves our 6 camp types or other certified events.

This full-text Bible includes FCA content such as The FOUR, The CORE, Get to Know FCA, Get Involved with FCA and the Faith Response Tool, as well as QR codes that digitally link the reader to more FCA resources. This Bible is used for both coaches, athletes and competitors of all ages. Trim size: 5.3125” x 8.25”; Paperback.

*CSB Translation* 

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1 Review

Eric Rachels Mar 19th 2024

This is a blessing

My wife started an FCA chapter at the middle school she teaches at. Our company pledged to make sure there where always FCA Bibles available for the students. The students love these and my wife has become known as the "Bible lady". Great job!

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