How To Pay With Org

The payment selector is located in the payment method section (See Image Below). Select the Org you would like to pay with and then click the "Buy With ORG ID" option.


I Don't See My Org in The Selection Box

The Org Selection box can only contain up to 11 Orgs. If you are wanting to pay with one and do not see it please contact FCA Support and ask them to switch it out for you.


The Org Selection Box is Not Appearing

If the org selection box does not appear. Please refresh your page.  A  refresh of the page will allow the selection box to reload in and you should be able to then see your org.


I Am Getting an Error

If you are getting the "No Org Provided. Please select an Org ID from the list in the 'Payment' Section" error, ensure you have selected your org before clicking on the "Buy With ORG ID" option. If you do not see your list refresh the page and it should appear.